Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nerdy Glasses

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wearing an all Candie's look for today's post. I'm originally wearing shorts with this top, but given that we'd be going to LTO, in Robinsons Sta. Rosa, I'd rather wear pants. I was supposed to get a license but unfortuantely, it turned out that the LTO in Rob was only a renewal centre. I was so disappointed... :| So we just went to SM to eat lunch then went home afterwards.

Lol. Don't I remind you of Betty La Fea? A girl wearing big nerdy glasses with braces. HAHAHA!!

I realized I haven't touched my doll shoes for quite a while and I'm trying hard in incorporating my looks lately with them. I'm just not that fond of wearing doll shoes, they leave my feet blisters. :( But at certain situations, they are every girls' bestfriends. What could make you look dolled up and posh without the need of sacrificing comfort by wearing sky high heels other than doll shoes? ;)

While my mom and I were turning our playroom into a dressing room, we found this nerdy glasses together with some of the stuffs stacked in the room. I thought it was too cute to be thrown away so I kept it. And now I'm glad I did because I am having so much fun playing with them! HAHAHAHA. I'm so lucky though, that I have a fine vision and I don't need to keep a "real" nerdy eyeglass!

Hmmm, I'm loving the color of my nails. 

Tank top: Forever21 | Lace Top: Candie's | Pants: Candie's | Doll Shoes: Payless

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  1. Nice Gera. Di ko alam na may ganito ka pala :) Hahahaha.


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