Friday, April 12, 2013


Friday, April 12, 2013

I look like a miss goody-goody in this outfit! HAHA, anyway, I wore this in my sister's recognition ages ago. I was too lazy to blog lately. I think I've never had a chance to stay at home for a whole day since the end of classes.

Well anyway, I was supposed to take summer classes but I didn't get a slot for any subject, so yeah, I might stay at home (or not) for the whole summer break. HAHA.

I just built this outfit with this blazer I got from divisoria, YES!! I shop there! HAHA the clothes there are good, its just that when you go out, its like you'll bump into people wearing the same clothes, LOL. But its fun to shop in Divisoria, all the things there are very affordable! Anyway, I just opted for a simple white dress and add colors using a tank top and a belt. Tank tops are the best, especially this summer with this kind of weather! It's scorching hot lately. I can't stay out because it feels like my skin is burning!!

Simple accessories to match my outfit and surprisingly a pair of shoes that has the same exact (okay, maybe not exact) color as my blazer. They're a perfect match!!

Dress: Topshop | Tank top: Forever21 | Blazer: Divisoria | Heels: People Are People

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