Friday, April 5, 2013

The Dark Side

Friday, April 5, 2013

This picture make this outfit seem to be braver, bolder and fiercer HAHAHAHA lol, if you've watched It Takes A Man and A Woman, you'd already know what I'm saying. Well in case, you still haven't, you really should see the movie! It was great. :)

I'm really loving this boots! It just goes with anything!!!!

Anyway, this outfit looks like a rebel chic or something. It just quite doesn't seem like it because of the expression on my face. I really couldn't make those fierce looks so I just have to smile even though it doesn't show the attitude this look seem to have. It really is dark and braver and bolder and fiercer. HAHAHA lol, sorry! I just couldn't have enough  =)) *literally laughing while typing this*

This set is one of my favorites. You could see in my next posts that I wore the exact same bracelet combination. HAHA

Top: Cotton On | Shorts: Bazaar | Belt: Bayo | Bag: Charles and Keith | Boots: Debenhams

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