Friday, April 26, 2013

Black And White

Friday, April 26, 2013

Here's what I wore when I headed out on a Saturday to meet up with some of my highschool friends. I figured we're gonna be out the whole day so I decided to wear white. I've stacked up on white a long time ago. They easily go with anything and they keep me real cool this summer. I dread black during summer!!!!

I want to be comfortable all day long so I wore my fave combo - tee, shorts and sneaks in black and white! A very comfortable outfit + a no-fail color combination, yeah it means I'm too lazy to think of an outfit to wear. Loljk, or maybe not. HAHA.

Ooooh, can you see our newly-painted house (in Teal, can you guess who requested for that color? :P) in the reflection of my sunnies? HAHA anyway, sunnies are my bestfriends this summer. It's always hot when I go out of the house and they protect my eyes everytime!

Since I'm already wearing a very plain black and white ensemble, I decided to spice up my outfit by bringing my sister's very colorful bag and wearing my favorite print on my sneaks. Prints and colors as such keep your outfit from looking boring when it's too plain. ;)

This has got to be my favorite white tee. The cloth is really good and feels so nice in my skin!

By the way, can you see that bruise on my leg? Huhu I got that while we were at Canyon Cove. The kayak hit me that hard!! ;( I didn't notice that it can be seen through these pictures. I just saw it lately while I'm choosing which photos I should include in this post.

So yesterday, we went to Resorts World Manila to watch Iron Man 3. Haha, I already watched it twice, but I wanna watch it again!! Hah! Then we went to Duty Free to shop for some things - My dad just arrived last Friday from Japan. And we're on our way now to MOA. My weekend's jam-packed again!!

Okay so enough of the sharing 'cause I'm ending this blog post right now. Bye! ;)

Tee: Calvin Klein Jeans | Shorts: SM GTW | Sneakers: Keds | Bag: Jansport | Sunnies: Payless

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